Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Asthma & Allergies

My entire life I have always had to deal with asthma. Ever since I could remember. Since I was younger I have had an allergy to food. Foods such as most nuts, raw fruits and veggies. yep.. not fun.. Last time I eat a strawberry, I was 6 yr old! Sad huh. Well it doesn't stop there. As I grew up and summer time always came and went, I was the only child not eating the yummy fruits the season would bring.. As I got older people didn't believe me so I would show them what it would do to me.. For example, When I make a summer salad for the Family and I cut the tomato and if I have ANY open cut on my hand and the juice gets into it I feel as if Someone is sitting on my chest, I start to itch and its no good. Watermelon, cantaloupe , honey dew, Tomato's, all the fun stuff~!~!~

        The last few weeks I started to change my diet. I cut out all the meat. I am trying to not eat cheese so I switched to Soy milk. NOT A GOOD IDEA! It was the most beautiful tall glass of chocolate soy milk! I sat down at my computer and i start to drink this wonderfully cold chocolity drink and it hits me !!!! My back starts to itch, then then the ears started to itch, then the invisible person sat on my chest! YEP! no more soy milk for me... This being a non meat eater isn't looking to goof for me!

       Tonight, I make sandwiches for the family with carrots and ranch.. I start to crave a salad! so i pull out the spinach (which I haven't had an allergic reaction to in the past) and i crumble some Chinese noodles and i sit down with the kids to eat.. So yummy! I was able to eat it all before i started having a reaction! This time my back starts to itch and the invisible person find its place on my chest! then the chest starts to itch then my ears.. and the breathing gets bad...

        I am sure you ask yourself what I have to do at this point.. I thank the lord it has not gotten to the point i have to be rushed to the doctor or the E.R. I always take a Benadryl and then use my inhaler and drink water.. lots and lots of water!

       I would love to find foods that I don't have this reaction to!

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